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It's 2018.

I have to be honest, I am not a huge fan of the "New Year, New Me" mantra that comes with every New Year's Day. YES, New Year's is a great time to set intentions for yourself, replace bad habits with positive habits, and generally take a solid introspective look at your life and what areas you want to improve. But this doesn't mean you have to change yourself completely! The statement "New Year, New Me" comes with a lot of weight. Thats a significant amount of pressure to put on yourself - to totally revamp your life and become a new person.

Don't get me wrong. I write down my New Year's Resolutions a week in advance because I am so excited at the prospect of new ideas and tackling my resolutions like a to-do list (anyone who knows the administrative assistant side of me knows that crossing items off of a to-do list is one of the most satisfying things to me...don't hate). But here's the thing - if I don't completely tackle one resolution or my goal changes along the way, I tend to get a little down on myself as if I didn't accomplish something i set out to. And that is just total BS that I (and maybe a few of you) need to leave in 2017. Everyone works at their own pace and circumstances in life change making it nearly impossible to have all of the same intentions that you set in January 6 months later in June.

So for the end of my rant, I give you some general resolutions that I mapped out for AMF. I have a personal list too, but ya'll don't need to be bored with that:

  • Blog Upkeep - Find a time each week to write and either post every week or every other week (at least during the slow season). Write, write, write!

  • Experiment with flowers on down weeks - more contemporary designs, honing my bouquet making skills, etc.

  • Workshop ideas for 2018 Spring into Summer

  • Think about important questions regarding my business as it stands now. My view of where this will be in 5 years changes slightly every so often MOSTLY due to my inability to settle in one town/city and now being tied to a full time job. Can I make AMF more mobile? How do I want to present my business years from now? 

  • Connect with new and old event creatives for new projects - photoshoots, workshops, coffee date hang, you name it. I love the amount of PASSIONATE people I've met through starting AMF and I want to continue to meet more.

  • NO MORE COMPARISON ON INSTAGRAM - Anyone else have trouble with this? I am thinking of creating another whole blog post about this specifically because it was a real struggle for me when I first started full time. I still have to remind myself now to turn of social media and get back to the origin of my creativity.

How do you feel about New Year's Resolutions? What have you mapped out for yourself/anything you are trying to build?

xo, Ash

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