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Role Model Monday..

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When I started thinking about this blog, I knew I wanted to regularly share stories of other creatives that I've met during this whole process. THIS is the first one of that series and I am excited to share some of her story.

Meet Emily Hanson of Emily Teresa Photography! I first met Emily when she shared a Facebook post asking for matching mother/daughter flower crowns for a family shoot at World's End in Hingham, MA. Wanting to get my hands dirty with a little more crown making and eager to meet other women in this field, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am so happy that I was able to provide Emily with those florals because that instance blossomed into a lovely small business friendship. Since that day, Emily and I have worked on a few more projects together, one of which is a winter wedding photoshoot that is currently in the works! After a site visit for this photoshoot, Emily and I caught up and talked about our histories. She shared a lot of great information that I wanted to share with all of you!

Emily "started" her business in Fall 2015, similarly to how many creatives start - by doing basically free work for family and friends while working another full-time job that pays the bills. Emily went to school for Athletic Training and is now in Nursing School, but she always had and continues to have a passion for photography. She was excited to make her business official in January 2017 and when I asked her about future ambitions to go full-time, she gave a very different answer from what many creatives typically give.

"I am not sure if I actually want to go full-time with the business." She then explained that nursing and photography are both an outlet for her: when one passion gets to be a little too much, she always has the other to dive into. "It's all about balance," she laughed."What if I don't want to stop nursing to pursue photography full-time? It doesn't make me any less dedicated to my business."

"BRILLIANT" was the first word that popped into my mind when she told me about her choice to stay part-time. Up until this point, I had met many creatives who balanced their side business they were passionate about with another job, but were clear that their other job was strictly for financial reasons. It's not CRAZY to think that people can have more than one job they are passionate about. However, Emily admitting to being passionate about both of her jobs made me instantly notice the slight shame that I felt when I told people that I put my floral business to the side to work at my office full-time again. I actually do enjoy my office work, but I am sometimes embarrassed to admit that (MORE on this thought in another post). 

I admire Emily for her honesty and her clear view at how she wants to balance different passions in her life. THIS type of authenticity is popping up more and more in the creative world and I am so happy that people are being honest about their choices surrounding their businesses. 

All in all, Emily is the bomb. Hire her for a lovely photo session and look out for some upcoming teaser photos of our photoshoot collaboration with some other talented creatives! 

xo, Ash

It’s all about balance.
— Emily Hanson of Emily Teresa Photogrpahy
One of Emily's photos from the World's End Family shoot. I can't get over how adorable this photo is.

One of Emily's photos from the World's End Family shoot. I can't get over how adorable this photo is.

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